Wednesday, November 2, 2011

About me and the blog

This blog is designed to contain a number of things:

- a central place for all my reviews of tech products be it hardware or cooling
- a central place for all my projects/builds/mods

My main focus is building extreme rigs whether it's for gaming or pure workstations.  I predominantly work with liquid cooling, however one day I'll get myself a phase unit and do some subzero benching.  Before then I need a bigger apartment!

For case mods I work with metal, acrylic and wood.   I have considerable experience in electrical mods (I'm an EE by trade) as well as doing woodworking, so expect to see those two skills utilized in future mods.

Thanks to all those who have inspired me and help me along the way.

I generally don't do custom work for others, however I'm always open for sponsorship on projects.  My next build will be epic and should make some magazine covers.

To contact me feel free to leave me a message here or PM me (stren) @ ocn/xs/[h] forums.

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