Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pumps arrived, testing beginning

My dual pmp-450s's (modified laing d5) arrived today complete with 24v controller and reservoir.  The 450 strong is currently the strongest pump out there beating even the awesome ddc 3.25.  The downside to it is that it uses a lot of power and that it dumps that heat into the water.  This is not entirely a bad thing though because the ddc's often need heatsinks and airflow to keep them cool.  In a small case, you don't always have room in a location with airflow.  Given how large D5 pumps are without a top, the koolance 452x2 is certainly a space saver.

Here's some unboxing pics.  The pumps were surprisingly large as was the reservoir.  I had worried that the reservoir wouldn't hold much liquid, but it does.  The downside is though that the pump seems to start thrashing as soon as the water level is 1/2" from the top of the left reservoir which is poor design to me.

Others have said how hard it is to bleed the reservoir.  I didn't really see that, possibly because this is the new and improved 1.3 version. I think the biggest problem was simply shaking the air out of the radiators.  My initial testing showed performance similar to a corsair H100, primarily I believe because of trapped air.  I'm still not sure why air gets trapped when the barbs are at the highest point of the reservoir.  Anyway here's the pics:

The most annoying thing about this delivery was that Koolance required UPS to have a signature
One PMP-450S with the 24v controller rear panel in the background.  Yes the pump is almost as big as a 5 1/4" bay
Reservoir - it's deeper than it is wide, unlike for example the XSPC 750 pump/res combo
Front view of the res, the top left fill port was scratched which was dissapointing
Res from the side and dual 24v controller from the front
Disassembling the pump for mounting in the reservoir
One side of the res comes pre-blocked
The other side does not, all you have to do is change the o rings and screw the new pump in

Test results coming soon!

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