Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A temporary home

In the past I have dual booted windows and linux on one box.  However there are plenty of times when I leave a simulation running on my linux box that takes several hours to complete.  While I wait, I sometimes like to game and as my wife has taken over my gaming rig I often can't.  I had amassed some spare hardware and so I decided to split out my dual boot rig into two seperate rigs.

This will also let me fold more power efficiently as the gtx480's use a ton of power even when idling.  This rig will sit and crunch on it's 990x 24/7.

Linux workstation - 990x/p6t/8800gt/lsi raid card/3 wd 1tb blacks/2 x25-e ssd/1xc300 128gb ssd/ocz 550W
Gaming rig - 920 D0/gtx480 tri sli/ax1200/re4 250gb

I had bought a danger den torture rack recently for testing hardware before they go into final builds, so this will the workstation's temporary home:

Torture rack + P6T/990x + H100 with AP-15 push/pull w shrouds

How not to manage your cables
As you can see it's quite messy, it'll get tidied up before it's done :)  Most likely it'll get an upgrade to sandy bridge extreme shortly, and then go in a real case.  Fingers crossed for the caselabs TX10!

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