Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 Million Folding at Home Points, PMP450s/D5 Strong Review Up

Woot 10 Million folding at home points!  Took me 8 months, of which only 3 months was folding 24/7.  Hopefully the next year will bring much more once I upgrade to an 8 core sandy bridge extreme!

I updated details of my upcoming build here and posted another review, this time on the Koolance PMP-450s aka D5 Strong.  I still have to write up a review of the RP-452x2 general impression so far is that it's a great res/pump combo if you're space limited and one of the best pump/res combo's out there.  If you don't need to compromise because of space though I'd still suggest a separate top for the pump and a separate reservoir.

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