Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tease mode activated

A box arrived

You said flap :rolleyes:

The largest usb flash drives known to man and some awesome sauce:

Sometimes the front view is better than the back:

Opening a door:

Socket 2011 is bigger than I thought:

Inside the box is two more boxes:

- Curiously only a 2x CFX cable, but yet 2/3/4x SLI cables
- The sata 6gbps cables are black with partly white connectors as opposed to full black for the rest of the cables.
- The OC key that plugs inline with your monitor doesn't support high res monitors - bit of a fail there Asus.  Shouldn't affect me as I can use the USB cable from my other rig anyway
- It would be nice if the back of the backplate was also black rather than the shiny tin foil like other boards

And the last tease for the night:

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