Monday, March 12, 2012

Tour of Makerplace

So I got the opportunity to tour this new workshop close to downtown that just opened.  It has all the workshop tools you could never afford to buy yourself, and you can buy day passes or month passes depending on how long you need.  So this resolves all my issues with manufacturing the waterfall reservoirs myself, as well as opening up possibilities like custom waterblocks...

It was the launch weekend so there was a free bbq (there were plenty more people later on)

Wood shop room, saw stop tablesaw, planer, chop saw etc. bunch of other stuff that isn't shown:

Large CNC Mill for wood:

Sand Blaster:

Vinyl cutter so you can print your own stickers:

Forgot to take a photo of the 3D printer, but here's an 150W laser that cut through some hefty steel plate:

There's two other lasers good enough for acrylic/wood, and a third one is apparently on the way:

Spray paint booth, they have an oven for powder coating, but not all the rest of the powder coating tools yet:

Metal press and folding machines:

Other metal machines, bandsaw, grinders and a lathe:

Metal lathe:

Old school mills:

CNC mill - can you say custom waterblocks!

Electronics room - not much here, bunch of soldering irons, power supplies and scopes:

So what do you all think I should do with this opportunity?

I definitely want to:
- make the custom metal backplates for GPUs
- make the waterfall reservoir
- make some custom waterblocks for parts that aren't ultra high performance e.g. raid card, memory blocks etc.

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