Friday, April 27, 2012

Building back up!

So we left off with the antec 300 emptied out, here's another shot of it next to the TX10 now that it's empty:

I was also now left with a big stack of fans.  This is without the 15 fans that have already been used in the TX10:

Now I could start rebuilding the gaming rig into the TX10:

Adding the 120 rad for the motherboard loop:

Testing that it still fits in the case:

Soon it must be time to start tidying up before I get slapped!

However first I need to get my work computer up.  The free 360 is being used for the workstation motherboard/ram/gpu loop and will sit approximately here:

So now to take apart the loop that was leak testing in order to add the rad:

I changed out the 45 degree bitspower compression on the GPU as it felt like it had a slight leak in in that position, so it has a temporary barb, I also removed the pump sticker.  It's much cleaner now, and who needs an overpriced dress kit ;)

That's all for now!

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