Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now with 100% more VRAM!

Been slow on the updates because work has been kicking my behind.  Anyway the 580 3gb cards came in.  I know some of you may say why not get 680's (or even 670's), well these were a lot cheaper (awesome 2nd hand deal) and will perform plenty well enough to max out 2560x1600 @ 60Hz.  With my 480's I never had a problem running out of processing power, but I did run out of vram, so I think these will be plenty until I upgrade the monitors ;)  Once I upgrade then I'm sure I can justify a few GK110s ;)

As you can see two of the backplates are 480 ones:

So I had to switch the cards around so that the 580 one was at the bottom of the stack.  I had to take them apart anyway to check for nickel problems and gunk.  I'd be more concerned if I wasn't suspecting that I'll change GPUs again before the build is finished.  Here they are rearranged and plugged in:

The 120 radiator is for the motherboard only loop:

I'm still working out how to route the tubing for optimal performance without making it look like a mess - should I come out the side or go out the top?

Although the board has two loops on it, it will really look like it has three as there will be a  560 rad in between the cpu and gpu:

Motherboard loop routed with temporary fittings - I thought this would look better.  I don't really like the way it looks - too busy and crowded, I need to work out a way to keep the tube out the way more.  Maybe a memory block would help:

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