Monday, July 16, 2012

Thief Time

I did get a little bit of time to work on the main build:

I decided to simplify my linux disk system.  I had bene using a raid card, 4 ssds and 4 HDDs and now that large SSD prices were coming down it seemed like a good time to consolidate.

So I picked up a 512gb SSD to replace my 300 gigs worth made up of 4 drives:

As well as a 3TB drive to replace my 3x1TB drives

With linux drive if you're atuomatically mounting the drives then the order they get plugged in can matter.  Going down to only 2 + an occasional backup makes life a lot easier when changing out motherboards.

I normally buy WD drives, but as they hadn't released a 7200rpm 3TB sata drive I went with Seagate

So I took out the side mount HDD system:

And started taking out drives:

The 512gb is actually smaller - 7mm tall while the older 128gb is 9mm:

Spare drives:

Nearly done:

And done - the right drives will be for the gaming rig - 128gb boot, 2x128gb raid 0 for games, 32gb SLC for swap.  The left drives are 512gb for boot/home of linux workstation, 128 temporary ssd that was left hooked up to transfer files, 3TB backup drive and 1TB old file storage.

Now to sell the old stuff:

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