Friday, October 19, 2012

Painting Jameco Meanwell 24V PSU for the Iwaki RD-30

Morpheus from OCN stopped by and gave me some fan splitters which come in very useful for the quick disconnect of the radiators.  Each radiator has two 3 pin headers that come from each side.  This little PCB is then attached to the backplate of the pedestal:

One for each side of the case.  The distance between the two is conveniently sized to feed from a single molex

I also got done painting the 24V Power supply for the Iwaki pump. I don't think I showed a pic of it before, but it looked like a very beat up version of this:

Except that the mesh part was painted black on mine and had been worn off over time.

So I thought I'd paint the whole thing red and then mod a PSU support from the bottom heat chamber so that it can be mounted next to a fan from the HDD rack.  I also need to hook up a relay so that it only turns on when the computer is on.  Here are the pieces after painting and clear coating:

With the PSU back in and the heatsinks retimmed:

All sealed up:

That's it for now.  Now that I have my windows PC up and running I can finally get sketch-up back and running and start playing with ideas for custom blocks and reservoirs!

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