Monday, February 6, 2012

Many variables to wrist pain

If you suffer from wrist pain when you spend long hours using a mouse you may know by now there are many variables to avoiding pain.  Position is number one, however once you've dialed in your position the mouse becomes the next biggest choice.  I get more wrist pain when I move my arm/wrist more, so I like sensitive mice that are easy to move.  For years now I've used a Logitech G5 on a bare desk having had nothing but problems with mouse pads in the past.  After getting pain during my last deadline I decided to try a new mousepad and mouse.  I decided on the razer goliathus pad because it was reviewed well, and if it didn't help then there wasn't a big loss.  The razer deathadder was also on sale, so I picked that up too.  I like big mice because I have big hands and mainly use a palm grip.  The deathadder initially felt poorly constructed and lacked some of the nice features of the G5 e.g. no customizable weight or adjustable sensitivity.  However both are really right where I'd like them anyway so after two weeks of testing I actually prefer it now to the G5

I'll do a full review later, too much going on right now :)

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