Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time off means...

Seeing as my boss gave me the week off (why not a raise?) for having to work like crazy the last month I decided to test out some of the components that came in on my workstation.  for the last few months it's been running the H100 cooler, now it's time to switch it to partial watercooling.

In the end the workstation will have two loops:
1 - CPU (raystorm) - mora 140.9 - dual D5 varios
2- GPU (8800gt) - GPU (9800gt) - motherboard - DDC-1 - RX360

The GPU's only do 2D, so there's very little heat on loop2.  Both loops will eventually run with low speed yates and I'm hoping it should be close to silent while giving excellent overclocking performance on the cpu.

As I don't have 4 D5's yet (still one short) I'll be temporarily running this loop with a DDC.  I picked up one of the NOS ones from bmaverick, they're not that powerful but this won't be driving a critical loop.  I picked up an xspc acrylic top (later I'll run some dye for the money shots):

However the XSPC screws don't fit the old DDC's so I had to drill out the holes a bit larger


Then with the EK 250 res fitted.  I used a bitspower shining silver male to male rotary fitting to attach them:

Also remember that talk about the acyrylic vs delrin 8800gt blocks, well I ordered the acrylics and they arrived the other day:

They do look sexier!

Taking apart the 8800gt:

Then I realized I didn't have any non-conductive TIM left, so I put it to the side and put the 9800gt in for now.  Built up the temporary cpu loop in the torture rack

Kind of a funky radiator setup - the torture rack only supports 240 rads, so I ran 2 fans in push and 2 fans in pull.  I have 12 more gentle typhoons coming from the ocn group buy:

Then more stuff came:

Fan adapters for the gtx 560, plus rubber fan isolators.  Not sure if they'll do much but they were cheap if I bought the adapters, so I picked some up:

That's all for now!

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