Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking it down

So to build the workstation loop I also needed a rx360 rad from my gaming rig.  So this meant that it was time to take the gaming rig apart.  Here you can see it minus one fan that was clicking and had been removed.  Yes you can cool 3 480's, a 920 and motherboard block with 5xAP15s but yes your water gets pretty warm lol.

So once the radiators were removed, I could take some side by side pics with the new case:

Yes the TX10 is huge!

So enough posing, it's time to take the guts apart:

You can see how the window was hiding some messy wiring.  I hadn't bothered to tidy and sleeve much after putting in the Koolance res and STX because the TX10 was already on the way.

Lots of dust to be cleaned, here you can see the "saddlebag" setup of the external rads

About to take the fans and reservoir out:

Top fan and PSU removed:

Parts on the ground, parts on the ground looking like a fool with my parts on the ground!

The STX is a sexy card:

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