Monday, April 23, 2012

Building the first loop

So I finally tidied up the house.  For some reason the wife was unhappy with every available surface being covered with stuff.  This means I can start processing some photos.

So I started off by putting together the workstation upgrade.  My gaming rig can be down, but I still have to work, so that's the first priority.  The workstation consists of two loops:

1. i7-3930K - Mora3 140x9 - Dual PMP450S (D5 Strong)

2. EK R4E full cover block - 2 EK ram blocks - EK 8800GT block - D5 Vario - EK 250 cylinder res

As most of loop 2 was done, I started work on loop 1.  So I started off mounting the fans to the mora3.  Here it is with the CaseLabs "Super Mount".  There are four dedicated mounting points independent of the fans which is nice:

This means you can just mount the fans to the supermount and not the radiator:

This is useful for cleaning because you can just undo the four mounting screws between the supermount and the rad.  I.E. You don't have to remove every single fan for cleaning.  FYI the fans are low speed 140mm yates (700rpm).  I chose these because I wanted something cheap and quiet, and yates are both of those when at 700rpm.

Here's the super mount with fans mounted placed on top of the rad:

Then I attached the rad to the super mount:

The only downside to this is a tiny gap between the fan and the rad.  However it's small enough that I don't think it will cause a problem:

Here it is mounted in the top of the case:

I then attached the quick disconnects to the CPU block for loop 1.  Originally they were going to attach to the case and then have compression fittings on the cpu block.  However there wasn't enough room to make the 90 degree turn, so i think this works better:

In the final setup I'll have some bitspower pass throughs that go to the top chamber.  For now the tubing curves around to the drive bay area where the temporary reservoir and pumps are:

Again you can see the pink vs red tube.  Primochill have shipped me some replacement tube - so props to them for taking care of it.

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