Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spray painting and the big slappy mod

2nd update of the day:-

So I played around with my own version of the big slappy mod for the Iwaki - the idea is you tap the cylinder res for a much larger feed for the pump.  The pump can't be on it's back so you need a nice slow 90 degree bend.  The tough part is then getting down to the 5/8 OD pipe that is the inlet to the Iwaki.  Here I used 1" pipe going to a 1/2" female converter fitted with a 5/8" brass barb.  I butted the barb up right against the inlet and stretched some 0.5" tube over it:

The feed may not be quite as good as the original big slappy as that only had a bout 3/4" of 5/8 inlet tube, vs this 2.5" on this version.  However the downpipe is 1" instead of the 3/4" that was used.  So hopefully the extra width balances it out a bit.  Here's a photo of the original big slappy:

and amuseme's version:

We'll see I might change to what they did, I feel like it might have better performance.

Also started spray painting test colors on a dead GT.  I made a quick spray booth:

Done - there's some metallic flake in the paint, the color isn't quite as orange as the tube though:

Reassembled (kinda)

Then a final comparison with it mounted on the 120 rad (this rad is just for the motherboard block loop).  The rad will be painted silver to match:

So what do you think?  Are the colors close enough?  Both are slightly off.  I wonder if I can get a color match from the powder coat supplier.  I think I'll look for a different red at the least tomorrow.  The match does depend on the lighting though.

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