Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Slacking off of work...

Got some more today seeing as I got done with my deadline yesterday.  I wanted to get the 120 rad painted to match the fan to see how it looks and what fittings to go with.  So I started sanding down the brand new gt stealth:

Masked it off and applied primer:

Then painted a matching cover to dress up the fan a little:

While I was waiting for paint to dry, I did some work on the pump mounting.  I added a drain port to the inlet tube and mapped out the cuts I wanted to make to the base panel.  Air has to flow through the base panel, so there has to be some cut outs.  Because the pump will vibrate, I'm worried about making the noise worse with a floppy piece of metal, so I was thinking to stiffen it with two 1" by 1/4" steel bars screwed underneath the base plate (these are the two dark shaded strips.  I'll have to add some rubber strips to try and isolate the baseplate from the frame also.

Here's a quick look at the painted rad from earlier with the fan on top:

And here's a piece of acrylic that was laser cut and then painted to match.  The dimensions aren't quite right though:

Not sure whether to do something like this or not.

Originally I had wanted to paint all the fans, then I got lazy and thought, well I'm more likely to screw them up by painting them (imbalanced rotors and all), plus they won't be seen so who cares.  So I took a look to see if I could justify lazy or not:  Here are the stock typhoons showing:

Here's one painted typhoon just rested up in there.  Obviously the space around the fan (fan adapter) would be painted silver too so it would blend better.  The red can't be seen too well though:

So I figure I have three options:

A) leave the GTs stock (lazy and quieter but looks ugly)
B) paint the GTs housing only and leave the rotor grey (quiet but stands out less
C) paint the GT fully (risks noise from a now unbalanced rotor and doesn't look much better than option b)
D) paint the GT fully and add some white LEDs to actually show the metallic red rotor off a little bit

What do you all think?

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