Monday, April 9, 2012

The results are in

The results are in:
A - 2
B - 7
C - 0
D - 6
Other suggesions:
- not paint and add leds - 2
- paint the housing and add leds -1
- paint hubs only and add leds -1

I liked some of the suggestions - I think what I'll do is actually not paint, and use red LED's to light the blades.  I'm going to do a test run in the next couple of days.  I'll also create a plate to attach the fans too that will cover some of the ugliness so only the blades will be seen.  I can then create some back lit patterns.  I need to check how much room is left in between the fans and the metal panel though.

Meanwhile I mounted the 140x9 radiator (without fans as I'm waiting on delivery), and checked the QDC's:

Unfortunately there is not enough room - only about 3/4" to make the 90 degree turn:

Luckily I had a non rotary 90 spare that could help out:

A rotary there would inevitably leak due to the weight of the QDC.  I don't like the restriction of that tight 90 though so I may end up taking the QDC off of the radiator and putting it in line instead.  I decided to leave it for a bit though and work on tapping the reservoir.  The parts I need came in, so now it's time to build a makeshift tap handle lol.

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