Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pink != Red

So I received some more primochill LRT tubing that is definitely a different color than the previous stuff I have.  It's not aging or the supplier because the existing stuff I have is of different dates and different suppliers.  I contacts ppc's and they said to email primochill (although I do wonder if they shipped me feser by mistake).  Either way we'll see what primochill says.

The difference looks 3-4x worse than the photo shows.

Also got some parts that were correctly manufactured (EK D5 top and lots of drain ports):

Bunch of fill ports:

I also got done with the clearcoat on the radiator so I could finally take the masking tape off:

Then I built a quick and dirty tap handle:

We'll see how it works, I may have to buy one but thought I'd try this first.

I attached the D5 top to the res with a rotary male to male connector.  There was about 3/8" gap between the mounting plate and the motherboard tray though, so I picked up a rubber table leg weight distributor that felt like it would be good for damping vibrations.  It's just the right size to hide behind the mounting plate.  I had to shave it down a bit though as it was more like 1/2":

Here it is hiding:

If it's visible from the window, I'll have to replace it, but I think it's good.  Here it is with the plate bolted down lightly (the barb is temporary):

Here it is mounted from the front:

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