Saturday, May 5, 2012

PSUs, HDDs and TLAs

So as it's the weekend you get bonus updates :)

This is how I initially wanted the PSU's to give maximum air intake:

However the left PSU once it had cables would conflict with the 360 rad mounted in front of it, so I decided to move it:

Done, you can see there's still a good amount of space in between:

Now to mount them - they're going in the second to bottom compartment:

and mounted:

Now time to mount all the hard drives - here are the gaming rig drives:

Now let's add in the workstation drives:

old skool x25e:

All done:

Now to cable it - I hate how asus only give you sata cables with right angles at one end and straights at the other.  For this build I really need straight to straights, so I had to order some more from the egg, this is the temporary rats nest:


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