Monday, May 7, 2012

Workstation done (kinda)

Alright a quick update as I got some more time to process photos (on a side note the first mdpc package came woot!)

I got the workstation back up and running:

But I had to use the gaming side for location of the power supply as the cables were not long enough to reach the real location.  As you can see it makes a good storage room also:

Workstation in action - no 2nd 8800gt yet because I'm only driving two screens, the card is being used as a test card for now for some other rigs I'm building.

Again a lot of fittings are temporary.  So now back to the gaming rig.  I transferred the sweet trident ram from my worksation to the gaming rig (I think it maybe hypers), it can do 2130 CL 8 and probably more but that's the limit of my 990x IMC.  Should have tried two sticks in the 3770K rig I slapped together to see what it could really do!  The ugly p6t board that was being used for the workstation is now going into a generic network maintenance use and will be put in a rack.

A shot of that sexy ram:

And the motherboard tray:

Here you can see I had soldered on an extra molex connector to the board (just to the bottom of the STX).  My old case didn't have room to connect a power cable to the real connector, so this helped me give the gpus enough power.

And now time to swap the 920 for that sweet 990x:

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