Wednesday, May 9, 2012

X58 swap

Alright time to swap those cpus - out with the 920:

And in with the 990x:

Close it up:

Mount the CPU block and add the g3/8 adapters - luckily the 5Noz has a very wide port spacing:

Which means you can mount the high flow VL4N quick disconnects - unfortunately they are g 3/8 and don't come with right angle options, so I have to have adapters both ends and then a g1/4 female to female before I can add in the 90 degree rotary fitting:

Here we are with the old GPUs mounted too:

And here's how it will look as this will be the reverse ATX side:

Now it's time to repurpose that clown board:

And done til the case comes:

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