Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Audio & leak testing the test bench

Box was huge, almost as wide as a 560 rad!  The dac/amp is large too, much bigger than it seemed from photos:

Deep too:

Time to get the test bench up and running:

The flow meter needed some barbs, I got these 1/2" brass barbs from home depot:

I forgot that with no o-ring, you need teflon tape, that would bite me later.  Clamped it down:

Matching one for the bottom input port:

Hooked up the Iwaki RD30 pump fed directly from the 400mm reservoir:

I had the return come in the bottom and used the longest internal tube to direct the flow to the top of the res in order to help bleeding.  Then connected the CPU:

Hooked up the rad, and ran out of clear tube, had to use some of the leftover pink:

Time to fill it up:

2.55GPM while bleeding with the Iwaki at 19V, at 29V it was pushing a smidge over 3.5GPM:

Ready to start overclocking:

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