Sunday, June 24, 2012

Building the Test Bench!

Time for an update:

I used the nice quick release thumb screws to remove the EX 560 radiator from the TX10.  I used two extra pieces from the tech station to build a support beam for it:

Then used some of the accessories to grip it either side so it was stable, but yet also quick to remove:

Then the 2nd R4E board came in:

And a 2nd cpu:

Installed the motherboard - I learned I should loosen the standoffs from the tray a little as they holes have enough movement that the standoffs may be mispositioned.  After screwing everything in I want back and tightened it.  Then added the cpu:

Then some ram:

Then removed the ram in order to fit the DT 5Noz using the Sniper thumbnuts:

Then put the ram back in:

Added a gpu (9800 gt is enough for the cpu test) and that's it for now!

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