Sunday, June 17, 2012

Test gear!

I also had ordered a crystalfontz setup so that I could monitor temps accurately, although the aquaero is more of a system, it doesn't support the dallas temp probes that can be calibrated to <0.1C accuracy.  This setup should let me do that.  The package arrived while I was away:

More packaging:

Taking it out of the bag - it's the 635 module with the 4 line LCD:

They'd pre fitted the SCAB module which enables the temp sensors to be hooked up:

Not quite sure what was with the stray spray paint:

Decided to mount it on the top of the test bench:

However the right side couldn't be screwed down so I added some support so I could at least push the buttons if needed:

The test bench came with extra extrusion pieces so you can add on extra devices, I decided to use my RD30 pump for the cpu block test:

I'd also ordered a King Instruments flow meter (similar to the one Martin uses):

It's more accurate and less restrictive than the impeller types.  However it's large - here it is zip tied to the case next to the 400mm EK res:

And now the final setup waiting for the 2nd R4E/3930K to arrive:

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