Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project Thief Update #9723469

Some of the pics from the last week's adventures:

Fitted the sniper to the 990x and installed some of the samsung superOC ram.  Corsair promised to sponsor me some ram, but it never showed up and after 3 months of my emails being ignored I've officially given up on them :rolleyes:

I want to make a custom waterblock for the RAM anyway, but that's still a gleam in my eye right now :thumb: Time to get to leak testing on the motherboard loop:

After leak testing got done, I swapped the painted fan for one that worked and installed the motherboard tray into the *empty* chamber.

I need to swap out the circuit board from the broken GT fan for a good one and then swap back in the painted one.  Now it's time to start hooking everything back up:

Plugged in the PSU cables, but the PSU is not yet there:

The sleeving is the stuff that came with the evga psu, that will be replaced with mdpc-x later:

Finally with a PSU:

Those extra 6 pin headers are annoying but the nice thing is that most of the PSU cables can be flipped so you can hide some of the extra unwarted parts by plugging them in the other way round :)

Tidying up a bit:

There's still so much to be done, and so much of this is still temporary e.g. fittings/sleeve/loop layout etc etc.  But for now I'm just glad to be finally getting this rig up and working after 8 months!

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