Friday, September 14, 2012

Thief again again again ;)

Another update - big one too!

So this is where we were last time - gaming rig trying to get up and working in a temporary state.  Main loop not yet connected:

To finish the main loop we needed to connect the EK400 reservoir with the custom 1" NPT tap to the Iwaki RD-30 pump.  First we need to build a T section for the drain port:

These are standard schedule 40 pieces of PVC that I'm gluing together.  I took a T junction and two 1/2" NPT reducers as well as a piece of 1" grey electrical conduit for making the 90 degree turn:

This is all based on amuseme's idea except that I'm using 1" pipe instead of 0.75" and I connect to the pump slightly differently.  So now we have to connect to the pump:

So we take a 5/8" brass barb from your local hardware store and tape it up with teflon tape:

1/2" tube can be warmed up and stretched over the barb.  The idea is that the barb lines up right next to the 5/8" input to the Iwaki giving less restriction to the input feed of the RD30 unlike regular 1/2" tube would.  I also added a 2nd barb for the drain tube.  This reservoir coupled with the 1" pipe means there is a lot of water that needs draining easily:

Both barbs in:

Now let's hook up the pump:

Add some worm clamps so that nothing flies free when you turn the pump up to 29V:

Now let's add the drain tube, the tube color is temporary for now:

Add the drain port:

Add a worm clamp and we're done for now:

Now it's time to put it in the case.  As the reservoir was temporarily mounted we need to fix it first.  There's a convenient metal plate in the case that you can unscrew and drill holes in:

Now let's reinstall that in the case:

And done:

The reservoir is fed by two drain ports.  When feeding a larger amount of water it's useful to have one for water coming in and another for air coming out:

Now here's the Iwaki Plus feed tube situated in the base.  The cardboard box will be replaced with anti-vibration gel soon enough:

Here you see the gap between the Iwaki feeding tube and the tapped base of the EK reservoir:

I cut a piece of schedule 40 tube to size to glue in here:

Later I will paint all of the tubes so it doesn't look so bad :p  The cardboard box doesn't quite raise the Iwaki high enough so we'll need to swap that out:

But here it is fully connected:

And here's the whole side of the gaming case in it's temporary state:

Now we can add the 360 radiator back in quickly (30 seconds) due to the Koolance quick disconnect fittings and the CaseLabs side mount design:

I can't fit a 480 in because of the placement of the radiator and the feed tube.  I may move it later, but for now this works.  So it's time to fill up with water:

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